Interesting Dinner Party Conversation 

This past weekend I was at a friend’s dinner party and meet an interesting character. Like most dinner parties, you know the host and a handful of other attendees and then there are a few people you that are new to you. Being a personable person, I always try to mingle with everyone and meet new people.


Prior to dinner I started chatting with this guy name Jason. Nice fellow, he has lived in Denver for the last 10 years or so. We exchange some small talk, before the question of “What do you do?” popped out my mouth.


He simply stated, “ I make business money.”


Oh course I had to ask, “how?” He went on to tell me he runs a small internet marketing company. He primarily works with small business to help them show up higher in Google.


Being a past marketer (10 years removed) he sparked my curiosity. So I started to politely grill him about what exactly it is he does. We was polite and answered most of my questions. He went on to tell me how he started in pay per click and then migrated to SEO.


“SEO, what the hell is that?” was my response when that came rolling off his tongue.


He chuckled a bit when I asked the question. I think he was amazed or maybe perplexed that someone had never heard that term before.


“I help small business increase their visibility in search engines, by doing this, I help them get traffic to their website, which in turns leads to more calls.”


“How do you do that?” I asked.


“Well it’s a long conversation, that would really bore you, but the bottom line is the sites you see on the first page of Yahoo, Bing and Google, there is a reason they are there. I make sure my clients are on that first page,” was his response (paraphrasing some)


About that time dinner was being served and our conversation was cut short. I’m sure he was happy about it, but I wanted more.


After dinner, I tried to get the conversation back, but others where involved and I couldn’t steer it back the direction I wanted to go.


As the night wound down, I ended up talking to the host, Brian, about this SEO guy. Brian said Jason’s company had did some work for him and the results where outstanding. He said 60% of my new customers are a result of Jason’s work. He checked around and found out that Jason was considered one of Denver SEO experts. He was well respected in his profession.


Update: I shared this post with Jason and he showed me how to put a map of his company in this post and thanked me for doing it. In exchange we set up a Facebook account for my wife’s company.  



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