Hot Summers Night A/C Repair

Centennial, CO Air Conditioner Repair Service

Well it finally happened, the monsoon finally yield to the summer heat. It seems like all of May and large portion of June Centennial was being drowned by torrential downpours. Around 1:00-2:00 every afternoon the sky’s would open up and the rain and hail would just flow.


There was a part of me that was happy about this and a part of me that, well was little bit sad. The happy part was I didn’t have to run out air conditioner. The sad part was its was always raining.


Well last week, the rain gave way to the heat, multiple days +90 degrees. Our air conditioner was working double time just to keep our house warm. Thursday night around midnight, I awoke in a sweat. The house felt like it was 100 degrees. I jumped out of bed and went to check the thermostat. It was set to 74, but the house was at 82. Hmmm, something isn’t right, I thought to myself.


Being sort of handy, I went out to see if the circuit breaker was tripped on the A/C. Nope, not the problem. I check a few other things, but I couldn’t get the air conditioner to work. “Crap,” was all I could say. Our 12 year old A/C unit finally died.


After a sleepless night, the next morning, my wife was all over me about getting someone out to fix it. I called around to the major Centennial HVAC companies, but everyone was booked for the day. I called my buddy and asked him who he used, he said to call Burtz Plumbing & HVAC. I never heard of them before. He said, “Trust me, these guys are good, fairly priced and honest.” He told me they where a mom and pop operation, and didn’t do all the elaborate advertising the other Centennial, CO air conditioner repair services companies did.


I hung up the phone with him and dial Brutz Plumbing right up. I spoke with Burtz wife, Amy, she said that they where swamped, but asked if she could talk to Burt to see if they could get someone out there and ask if it was ok if they called me back in 10-15 minutes.


10 minutes later, Brut is on the phone with me. He told me that they where booked solid. However he asked if  it was ok for one of his technicians could stop by on his way home. He said it wouldn’t be until around 6-7 that night. He also said if the air conditioner need to be replaced they could do it until the following day. I told him that was the best offer I had all day and that would be fine. He said he would keep me posted.


Later that afternoon around 3:00 their A/C tech, Mark, called and said, “ I’m on my way to my last job, once I get there and see what I need to do, I’ll give you a call with an estimated time of arrival.” About 3:45, Mark called and said he was going to need a about 2 hours for the job he was on and he should be to my place around 6:30 as long as traffic wasn’t to bad.

At 6:25 Mark shows up. Very nice and polite guy. He went straight to work. This air conditioner service guy wasn’t messing around. In about 15 minutes he had figured out the issue. There was something not working correctly with the condenser.  He told me it would cost $125 to fix, I signed off and he got back to work. Around 7:30 he finished up and we had a working air conditioning system again.


I talked to Mark for a few minutes about the status of the A/C unit. He said, “While it has exceeded the average lifespan of most air conditioners, I don’t see a reason to consider replacing the unit. Everything looks good and it has just the normal wear and tear for a unit that age. The only reason to consider replacing the A/C unit was for energy savings, but that is still questionable.”


I’m sold, have a new HVAC company that is going to get all my business. Brutz Plumbing and HVAC is the best air conditioner repair service company I know of.

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