Pins and Needles-My First Poke at Acupuncture 

I have been having this persisting pain in me knee for the last couple of months. I went down the route of traditional medicine. You know, go see your primary care, then you they refer you to a specialist, not saying anything is wrong with this, but sometimes its frustrating.


The specialist was kind of a joke, not to make light of the countless years this doctor spent studying, but I’m just saying my money would have been better spent else where. My first visit he asked a few questions, then said he needed an MRI and wrote up lab orders for this. I had the MRI done. About a week later I went back to the specialist. He said your cartilage is gone and there is nothing he could do.


“Great!”, I think to myself, “How am I going to keep up with my kids when they get older?”


That night, my wife and I chatted about my doctor visit. She could tell I wasn’t happy. She then dropped a bomb on me,” Why not go and see an acupuncturist?”


“Hell no!” was all I could say. She then reminded me how much luck she had with her neck. “Fine, I’ll go,” was all I could say. You know the saying, “Happy Wife, Happy Life,” well it never been more true.


Lets get this out in the open, I am scared to death of needles. I avoid getting the flu shot every year, just because I don’t like needles. They scare me more then spiders, snakes and any other thing.


I made an appointment at a local acupuncture clinic for the following week. I was nervous from the time I dialed them to the time I arrived at their clinic. I arrived a few minutes early so I could fill out all the paper work, it was like being in a doctor’s office. 


My time came. The acupuncturist came out and introducer herself and exchange some pleasantries.  We went back to her “layer of pain”. I told her how scared I was of needles and I am only here because of my wife. She told me not worry, it would be a painless. “Sure,” thinking to myself.


She asked me to disrobe down to my under wear and get under the covers. She came back in and started doing a massage on my back. Its wasn’t your normal massage. She was using some sort of suction cups on my back, but it felt very relaxing. After about 10-15 minutes she asked me to turn over. Once on my back she started to massage my chest and shoulders. I was slowly turning into a bowl of jello.


Finally, came time for her to poke me to death with her needles. The first one went in and I could barley feel it. Then another and another, finally she said, “All done.”


“That’s it?” I asked.


“Yes. Now that wasn’t so bad was it?” she asked.


“Nope. Much better then I expected. I thought I would be a pin cushion,” I sheeplessly replied.


“You are all set, I want you to lay here and relax for about 20 minutes. I’ll come back in and check on you,” she said.


Well in that course of 20-30 minutes I fell asleep. She politely woke me up when she was done removing the needles.


She indicated, that this would not permanently fix me knee, but it would help make it less painful. She said come back anytime it starts to act up. Well the treatment lasted about 3 months, before I noticed my knee acting up. So now about every 3-4 months I go and visit her.


If you have some ailment that modern medicine can’t cure you might want to try acupuncture. I’m not saying it is the silver bullet that will fix everything, but it certainly has helped me.  Just make sure you see a licensed acupuncturist. You can find them here. NCCAOM Find A Practitioner

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